How to Prevent Cracks in Terracotta Pots September 24 2018

Terracotta planters are a classic example of vintage outdoor pottery that will never go out of style. The brick red clay pots run the gamut from massive planters that are large enough to fit fruit or nut trees to tiny ones you can hold in the palm of your hand. Whether your style is a throwback to years past or modern and quirky, terracotta planters can add a wonderful touch to your outdoor space.

Though terracotta is a beloved part of timeless garden décor, many people don’t realize how important it is to know how to protect clay pots. Terracotta can last a lifetime if properly cared for, but it does require a bit of attention and maintenance, particularly during the winter months.

Preventing Cracks in Terracotta Pots & Planters

Clay is a unique material in that it contracts and expands with shifts in temperature, which can lead to cracking. When the weather turns cold, the water trapped inside the clay can freeze and expand, ultimately causing cracks. Here are a few simple tips for avoiding cracks in terracotta pots:

Repurpose or Store Your Unused Planters

If you have planters that hold plants that won’t survive the cold months, empty them out and bring them inside for the winter. Store the pot out of the elements (preferably upside down, to avoid the collection of moisture).

If You Can, Keep Your Pot Off the Ground

If you’re going to leave your pots outside during the winter, elevate them off the ground. You can use bricks or even specially-designed terracotta feet; the key is to prevent the bottom of the pot from sitting on the damp, cold ground.

Make Sure to Have Proper Drainage!

Drainage is perhaps the most important step you can take to prevent cracking. Make sure you aren’t blocking the pot’s drainage holes and use plenty of drainage material before adding soil during planting.

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