Understanding Coffee Table Dimensions October 19 2022


Households often find it daunting to determine the right height, length, and placement for a coffee table. The confusion arises from different coffee table dimensions on online platforms and individual magazines. Therefore, it would be better to find the right advice source of information to make an informed decision while furnishing a house.

Are you unable to make the right choice of a coffee table that will not compromise the floor space for you and your family? People often admire coffee tables in showrooms and buy them only to realize that they do not fit the areas in the living rooms. This coffee table guide is here to help you choose the right size for your living space. 

What Are the Standard Coffee Table Dimensions?

The size of a coffee table depends on the client's intended purpose for the furniture. However, there are standard measures that one needs to consider while purchasing a coffee table. For instance, your sofa seat should be 1-2 inches higher than your coffee table. Where one prefers a raised coffee table, the standard rule recommends that the table must not be more than four inches taller than the sofa seat.

Round Coffee Table


The standard measurement for a round table is 22 to 30 inches wide. These designs are ideal for living rooms since the absence of distinct edges makes the room more spacious. A round coffee table provides a modern touch to the living room by contrasting the rectangular sofas. Additionally, round coffee tables are safer than other furniture with sharp edges.

Rectangular Coffee Tables


The standard rectangular coffee table measures 47 inches by 27 inches. Rectangular coffee table dimensions are ideal for living rooms that cater to large families. We, therefore, recommend this coffee table design for individuals who work from home as it provides a space for your laptop, coffee, and other documents.

Small Coffee Table


Small coffee tables are designed for individuals with minimal space in the living room. This coffee table size guide acknowledges the presence of round table diameters measuring 14 to 16 inches wide. A good coffee table should have a 30-inch exterior depth to give you enough leg space to watch your TV comfortably. In addition, both square, rectangular, and round tables have spectacular storage compartments. 

Square Coffee Table


Square coffee tables bode well for compact living room designs. Such coffee tables also have storage cabinets for keeping documents, making them appropriate for people working from home. Measuring about 14 to 16 inches, this coffee table fits well in a living area with neatly arranged seating couches. 

Proper Coffee Table Placement

After acquiring your preferred coffee table, the next critical task is to decide where to place it in your sitting room. This coffee table dimensions guide recommends a minimum of eighteen inches between your current sofa's edge and the new furniture. Again, however, be as practical as possible to ensure that you are not straining to access the objects on the table while sitting comfortably in the living room.

We consider all the elements in your apartment to ascertain the features of a coffee table that will result in the best visual appeal. As a golden rule, your coffee table should not exceed two-thirds of your couch's length.

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