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Vintage Art: Paintings, Sculptures & More

Are you hoping to give your personal space a special touch, one that designates it as the place that you call home? Crafting a space that speaks to your unique style is all about the details, and a wide range of unique art pieces can be the key to achieving the look you’ve always wanted. With mid-century modern art, you can put a spin on even the most generic space, completely transforming it to suit you.

Urban Americana is one of the largest retailers of vintage furniture and décor in Long Beach, welcoming customers to explore our massive warehouse to discover their newest vintage treasures. Our extensive selection of mid-century modern art features a mix of original art, sculptures, prints, and more, so there’s virtually no limit on what you might find. 

At our Long Beach vintage store, we carry an always-changing collection of vintage works from every decade, as well as signed original pieces from many of the brightest talents in the world of art. 

Tips for Decorating with Vintage Art

If decorating with vintage décor is new to you, it can seem like a tricky art to master – but one of the best things about vintage is how incredibly versatile it is. Mid-century modern paintings, sculptures, and prints work particularly well with a wide variety of home styles, whether you lean towards traditional or eclectic. 

Here are a few ideas for incorporating mid-century art into your home:

Create a Vintage-Inspired Gallery Wall

When you assemble several art pieces on a single wall, it makes an eye-catching style statement. Gallery walls can be adapted to fit your sense of style, as well as the amount of space you’re working with. Create visual interest by incorporating mid-century modern art in a variety of sizes and styles while sticking with complementary colors to create a sense of cohesiveness. Of course, there are no rules when it comes to arranging a gallery wall, so feel free to branch out and design something that represents the art you love.

Brighten Up a Forgotten Corner with a Colorful Painting

Although larger walls often demand wall art, it’s easy to forget about the smaller sections of blank walls throughout your home. With a small piece, you can quickly turn a small corner or wall section into something special. Both you and your guests will enjoy the surprise of seeing art displayed in an unexpected space.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t limit yourself to traditional framed paintings and prints; mid-century modern art can take the form of wooden sculptures, metal panels, signs, and more. Let yourself get as creative as you’d like by making art out of any mid-century accents that you love.

Browse the Best Collection of Vintage Art  and More at Urban Americana

Instead of wandering the aisles of other Long Beach vintage stores, many of which only offer vintage-inspired reproductions, experience the thrill of shopping for authentic mid-century modern pieces at Urban Americana. Nearly every inch of our 16,000 square-foot warehouse is filled with vintage finds, making us a true treasure trove for lovers of vintage in Southern California. 

You can look through our online selection to get an idea of vintage art that’s currently available for sale at our warehouse, but visiting Urban Americana in person is truly the best way to fall in love with the vintage shopping experience. Shopping for vintage should be an immersive experience, and we’re proud to offer one of the largest collections of vintage goods in Long Beach – it’s almost impossible to leave empty-handed.

Spice up your space with mid-century modern art and other great vintage finds from Urban Americana today.

For inquiries, Urban Americana in Long Beach, CA is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. Contact us at 562-454-0071 for more information.