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Add a personal touch to every room in your home with a variety of home décor and decorative accessories. The right collection of home décor pieces can turn any room from a generic space to one that truly represents your personality and style. At Urban Americana, we have a massive collection of vintage décor, perfect for adding a personal touch to every room in your home.

Often, blank walls are the first thing that people think about when considering décor. Personal photographs are always a must, but art pieces can be the catalyst for elevating the space. When you’re shopping for wall art, avoid the mass-produced pieces at your local big box store, and shop for vintage and mid-century décor instead. 

At Urban Americana, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of vintage furniture store. Most people have visited at least one mid-century furniture store in their quest for unique décor and are often disappointed by an inventory that lacks any real history. In our warehouse, you won’t find stacks of imitation furniture or faux vintage pieces - our pieces are full of life, and all have a story to tell. We know that at Urban Americana, you’ll find at least one décor piece – if not many more – that truly speaks to you and your home.