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Vintage, high-quality furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Find the best prices for comfortable and stylish furniture at Urban Americana. Whether you need a full living room set or a single piece for your bedroom, you’ll find it all in our detailed online catalog. Browse our selection of amazing deals and discounted prices on premium items. There’s a wide range of styles, types, and deals available to match your current style or choose a new, bold look.

Vintage Furniture on Clearance

There’s plenty of reasons to choose a vintage item. From elegant dining room tables to comfortable rocking chairs, vintage style can give your home a welcoming, classic look. Some of the greatest designs come from these eras. A vintage piece will not only give your home a timeless feel, but it can create a comforting and nostalgic atmosphere in your home. There’s no shortage of patterns, materials, and uses for this versatile furniture style. Discover more ways to decorate a room with our premium furniture. Consider choosing a clearance item for any room in your home, including:

  • Living Room: A comfortable sofa or affordable loveseat is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home.
  • Dining Room: Tables, chairs and elegant dressers can create a luxury dining experience with a completely vintage look and feel.
  • Bedroom: Find a dresser that was built to last. Sturdy, practical and beautifully handcrafted dressers and bed frames are all available at our warehouse.
  • Entryway: Greet your guests with an ornate bench for taking off shoes or resting. A vintage bench is a wonderful way to add a classic appeal to your entryway.

At Urban Americana, you’ll enjoy great sales on a variety of items. Take a look at some of the clearance and sale items on this list. Be sure to check back often, as sales are always changing. From every day low prices to promotional discounts and closeout sales, there are many ways to save money when shopping at Urban Americana.

Mid-Century Furniture Sale

When shopping for mid-century furniture, there are a few staples that you should consider. Whether you want to replace all your modern, uniform furniture with more classical pieces or if you want to add a bit of character to a room. Take a look at these favorite mid-20th-century furniture pieces if you have a statement piece in mind. Some popular mid-century furniture options include:

  • Seating: From high-backed chairs to stunning benches, mid-century seating is known for combining exquisite designs with warm, mellow colors. You may be surprised by how comfortable these chairs can feel.
  • Tables: A full-sized mid-century dining room table can be the centerpiece of your home. Spacious, elegant and with enough room for the whole family. Look for coffee tables and smaller end tables to decorate and provide functional accents to your home.
  • Desks: No study or home office is complete without an ornate desk. Whether you’re writing, reading or working on your computer, the handcrafted feel of a classic and carefully crafted desk can turn a stuffy office into a welcoming workspace.
  • Credenzas and Dressers: The quintessential mid-century furniture option for any home is a dresser or credenza. Our dressers span a wide range of styles and several eras to bring you the most practical, sturdy and stylish dressers for your bedroom.
  • Vases and Ornate Accessories: Not all of our mid-century items are large furniture pieces. Dress up your home with vibrant vases and beautiful light fixtures that will stand out in any room of your house.

If you can’t find any of your favorite items on sale, check back frequently and browse our complete line of affordable furniture. You’ll find all of these options and more.

Home Decor & Furniture in Long Beach, California

Urban Americana is home to antiques, extraordinary designs, and classic furniture. Our creative and friendly team would love to answer any questions you may have about classic furniture. Located in the heart of the Zaferia Design District in Long Beach, our team knows how to help you find the best, low-cost vintage furniture for your home. Whether you’re looking for a great deal or shopping for a rare piece to complete your home, there’s plenty to love about our extensive collection.

It’s easy to order online through our catalog. If you can’t make it to our 16,000 square foot retail store, every item is available for shipment. Contact us for more details and an estimate for shipping prices. While our vintage items are always available for free local pickup at our warehouse, we also have a premium white glove shipping service available for easy delivery.

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