How to Style a Mid-Century Modern Living Room on a Budget November 04 2022

Are you looking for a way to give your living room a mid-century modern decor on a budget? It may seem impossible, but it is something doable. The mid-century modern design gives your room a timeless look and is characterized by natural woods, bold colors, and amazing shapes. With patience and proper planning, you can achieve mid-century modern decor on a budget. Here is a look at the mid-century modern (Mid-Century Modern) style.

What is Mid-Century Modern Living?

The Mid-Century Modern look is inspired by the mid-20th century home decor between 1933 and 1965. Back then, the idea behind the decor was to bring in natural light, a bright environment, efficient design, and an emphasis on minimalism. The unique features of mid-century modern decor are:

  • Primary and secondary colors are the main point of focus
  • Geometric shapes in furniture and artwork
  • Functional TV stands and coffee tables
  • Bold shapes for table lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps
  • Flared back lounge with bright colors and tapered legs

Living Room Colors and Materials

The color palettes for the mid-century living rooms are primary and secondary colors to emphasize the design elements. Go for colorful statements that will pop when you place them in muted and natural tones. 

Inspiration from designers like Noguchi, Eames, and Knoll suggests materials for mid-century modern decor on a budget are glass, metal, wood, plexiglass, and acrylic.


Choose a few affordable pieces of furniture to give you a mid-century modern living room. Some furniture to inspire you are a colorful couch, minimalist coffee table, sleek lounge chair, and simple side tables. If you are on a tight budget, go for affordable pieces to give your living room a mid-century modern decor. You can invest in an accent stool, a geometric bookshelf, and a bold floor lamp. To get it right with Mid-Century Modern decor, you should avoid clutter. Have a lot of space and only add what you need in your living room. 

Tips for a Mid-Century Modern Living Room on a Budget

Mid-Century Modern decor is not going away anytime soon. With such high demand, the prices can go up the roof. Here are creative tips you should embrace for an affordable mid-century modern living room design. 

Take Your Time

When decorating your living room with the Mid-Century Modern look and you're on a tight budget, you should purchase the pieces over time rather than all at once. Space out the larger purchases and get the less expensive items later. Persistence is vital to get the vintage items you need for your home. You'll get all the necessary items to give your home a timeless look. 

Invest in Bold Shapes and Designs

Furniture is vital to mid-century living design. You should, therefore, give it your all. Go for bold designs for your tables, couches, and chairs. Geometric profiles, canted legs, and retro textures will make your living room stand out. You should also consider geometric area rugs and some abstract wall art.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is a vital component in Mid-Century Modern decor. With the minimalist design, you can stay within your budget. Invest in minimal decorative items and have decluttered surfaces and more open space in your living room. Less is always more when it comes to Mid-Century Modern decor. 

Shop Strategically

You can find vintage pieces in thrift stores. If you don't find something, don't be discouraged. Keep hunting, and you'll find the perfect vintage piece. You can shop both online and in-store. You can check their brick-and-mortar store near you if you find an online store that deals in mid-century modern furniture. Visiting our store allows you to see the pieces in person and find items on sale. 

Find Mid-Century Modern Living Room Decor at Urban Americana

Planning and patience are vital when choosing a mid-century modern decor on a budget. We've got you covered if you are looking for affordable mid-century items. Contact us today.


Image Credit: David Papazian / Shutterstock