What Defines Vintage Style? July 25 2022

What does Vintage Style refer to?

In the world of interior design and decor, the term “Vintage Style” refers to a mixing of reclaimed or repurposed items with more recent décor to create one’s own style. Vintage items often represent the era to which they belong or were made. In essence, what is old is new again and it is a great way to be good to the environment! Vintage is a much broader term use then Antique. While an Antique is an item (furniture, décor, clothing, etc.) that is over 100 years old.  Vintage refers to items that are 20 years and older. Want to feel old? It’s 2017 so that means items made prior to 1997! 

One can purchase furniture, lamps and decor items then paint, distress, decoupage them to the heart’s content to get a special vintage look, often referred to as “shabby chic”. However, most people do not have the time, patience or know-how to accomplish these tasks! Also, many people interested in vintage style want items in their original form and patina. The popularity of vintage style coupled with less “DIY” time has led to the rise of Etsy, weekend marketplaces like, Remnantsofthepast.com and vintage retail stores such as Urban Americana. These are not the “antique stores” of the past! In these modern settings antiques, vintage and eclectic decor is often shown in a staged room-like setting. The savvy shopper can see how to use an item in a room and get ideas of what to mix and match to create a vintage style with items already in there home. 

One’s own style

A wonderful perk of vintage style is that it can blend various styles that speak to one’s own personality. A 1940’s inspired vintage sofa can be placed next to two beautiful mid-century modern chairs these pictured below are by Edward Wormley for Dunbar and then anchor your space with a beautiful traditional vintage Persian rug.  Add a lovely rustic vintage driftwood coffee table with your end tables, lamps and accessories and you have created a unique room that it is now living history in one’s own home.

Natural Elements 

Another aspect of the Vintage Style is to accent with natural elements. Plants in vintage pots and plant holders add this element to a room.  A Fig Tree, Succulent or Cactus are some of our favorite choices.  Then add them to a mid century Gainey pot, vintage Mexican pottery or rustic cement urn to make your space come alive. 

For some of the most unique vintage furniture and vintage items in the L.A area visit the wear house at Urban Americana. 



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