Vintage Desk Buying Guide March 02 2022

vintage desks guide

Whether you work from home full-time or need a convenient spot to tackle occasional tasks, a home office space can be a useful addition to your home. But you don't have to have an entire room ready to dedicate to a workspace; even a cozy corner of your living room or bedroom can get the job done.

Of course, the most important part of any home office/workspace is the desk. Like many of the multipurpose pieces in your home, the right desk should both look great and serve your needs. Not too big, not too small, and well-suited to your style, the perfect desk is out there - and it might just be vintage!

Using Vintage Desks for Home Office Spaces 

If you're new to shopping for vintage furniture, it might seem like buying something "old" is the less preferable option to purchasing something brand-new. But actually, vintage desks can offer plenty of perks that big box furniture simply cannot.

Vintage furniture (including desks) can be impressively versatile, flawlessly fitting into nearly any style of home décor imaginable. From polished, traditional Americana to an eclectic or rustic-chic look, so many interior styles can benefit from the addition of something vintage.

Maybe you prefer simple, understated furniture with clean lines and maximum functionality - in that case, mid-century modern desks could be ideal. Or, maybe you're looking for something big on personality to make a serious style statement... there's a vintage piece for that, too. 

Beyond the array of styles you can choose from, vintage home office furniture can also boast unparalleled craftsmanship for long-lasting quality. As the old saying goes, "they just don't make 'em like they used to," and that definitely applies to furniture. Many pieces from the mid-century modern design area are constructed with superior materials, including solid wood or metal. High-end finishes, premium wood varieties, and thoughtful details were the norm, not the exception. There's a reason that so many of these pieces are still around, even after seven-plus decades: they were built to last.

Finally, a vintage desk can take your home office from a standard space to something completely unique. Unlike many of the desks for sale from major online retailers, vintage desks aren't something you're going to see repeated in home after home. You'll be able to enjoy something special, which can make a space feel like yours and yours alone.

Vintage Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

Interested in the style and substance a vintage desk has to offer, but aren't quite sure how to fit one into your décor? Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Add a couple of vintage school desks to a playroom or study space.

From art projects to block-building, plenty of play activities can benefit from a sturdy work surface. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to bring in a large, space-wasting table or overpay for something that will see a lot of wear and tear.

Instead, consider purchasing one or two retro school desks for kids to use. When you consider that vintage student desks were designed to last through multiple school years of daily use, it makes sense that they'd be perfect for a rough-and-tumble playroom.

Use a small, mid-century modern desk to create an office "corner" that does double-duty.

Not everyone has a room to dedicate to a home office, but that doesn't mean you can't create a workspace that meets your needs. Look for a vintage desk on the smaller side; ideally, one with drawers for hidden storage - every home can benefit from added storage space! Then, tuck it into a corner, use it as a nightstand/desk combo, or find another way to fit it into your home. 

When you need workspace, you'll have a desk at the ready. And for the rest of the time, it can serve various other purposes.

Don't forget a comfortable vintage chair to match.

It's an all-too-common mistake: you get a fabulous desk, but then you cut corners on finding a chair. The result is an ill-fitting chair that's either uncomfortable or unattractive (or both), and it ends up taking away from the beautiful vintage desk you love so much.

Consider pairing your vintage work desk with a vintage chair in a complementary style. For example, try a mid-century modern desk chair with your mid-century modern desk. Or accentuate contrasting styles: what about combining an ultra-sleek, mid-century modern dining chair with a rustic vintage desk?

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