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Vintage & Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces

Find Your Perfect Midcentury Fireplace

There is nothing cozier on a cool breezy day than sitting by a toasty fireplace, enjoying the view of the flickering flames. You can’t help but feel at ease with the elements. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, we can help change that. At our immense Urban Americana warehouse, you can easily find classy, vintage fireplace designs that will bring warmth, color and style to your favorite space.

We feature several beautifully authentic fireplaces for homes throughout the Long Beach area. Their silhouettes and hues highlight the vintage and mid-century style that is currently reemerging in modern design. Each shape is unique and gorgeous in its own way, individual and inspired. Whether you choose to keep your vintage fireplace outdoors, or have a perfect spot for it in your home, our fireplaces are labeled with the required minimum clearance measurements so you can plan accordingly. 

If you are a lover of vintage home decor, you must reach out or come by to experience everything our warehouse offers. Consider it an inspirational tour of designs, art and furniture from the 30s to the 60s. We are thrilled to present the Long Beach community with the most inclusive assemblage of vintage items in the area.