All About Mid-Century Modern House Numbers February 07 2020

The style you choose for the exterior of your home makes a statement about the way you want your property to be viewed by guests and people passing by. In many cases, the small details make some of the largest impacts because they highlight or emphasize the unique qualities of your decorating style.

Many individuals are turning to interesting vintage details with their choices for exterior décor, from lighting to signage. One trend in exterior detailing that has gained popularity is using unique styling for your house numbers, particularly the use of mid-century modern house numbers that are easily viewable. See how swapping out your generic house numbers for a unique vintage look can help transform your exterior and increase the curb appeal of your home.


What Are Mid-Century Modern House Numbers? 

House numbers in the mid-century modern style are designed to mimic the ones originally found on buildings and residences from the time period beginning shortly after World War II and continuing throughout the middle of the twentieth century. Open floor plans, flat surfaces, and ample glass were all typical of the architecture of that time, and the sleek designs carried through to house numbers with a distinct look.

Many house numbers were created with the Neutra or Neutraface font and replicated designs still use similar fonts today. For the most authentic look, many designers and homeowners with an eye for a design look for original vintage house numbers to complete their vision.


Benefits of Large House Numbers & Mid-century Fonts

In addition to being an attractive option for your house numbers, mid-century modern designs also offer some benefits. The fonts used on house numbers from this era boasted slim, clean lines and were typically large in size, making them easy to read from the road at a distance. The high-quality metal at the time they were popularly manufactured meant signs and numbers were long-lasting.

At the time, signs created in mid-century fonts were considered futuristic, forward-thinking and modern. Using vintage numbers from the era or finding authentic replicas can help bring these feelings back to the surface and give your home the modern, artistic boost you are looking for.


What Houses Look Best With Mid-Century House Numbers? 

Some houses built during the mid-century era already have house numbers that match the style, while others changed décor during the eighties and beyond. Those who changed styles during the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries are recently moving back to the original style that matched their homes.

Although it's no surprise that homeowners are choosing to go back with home’s original style, other homeowners and designers are choosing mid-century modern house numbers to add to very different, contrasting architectural styles. Sleek metal numbers contrast with rustic farmhouses, turn of the century historic homes and traditional craftsman style homes for an eye-catching look. In other words, mid-century modern signs and numbers coordinate well with many architectural styles.

Shop for House Numbers and Other Vintage Décor 

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / By Rafael Croonen