Five Reasons to Buy Vintage Home Decor June 06 2017

Vintage home decor is making a comeback, and some pieces actually have hidden value, making them a solid investment if you ever decide to redecorate.

Here are the top five reasons why investing in vintage home decor is worth the money!

1. Vintage Furniture is Classic and Timeless

The elegant style of mid-century furniture continues to make great statement pieces in any room. People all over the world seek inspiration from these styles today. When you pick up a classic piece from antique stores in Long Beach, CA, you know it will continue to live on as an icon.  

Vintage Dining Set


2. Vintage Furniture is One of a Kind

We live in a world of mass-produced everything. However, a quick walk through your local Long Beach furniture stores will show that those mid-century pieces you find are truly one of a kind. This is not just because of how they were manufactured, but also the lives they have lived in other peoples' homes along the way. 

3. Vintage Quality is Second to None

Back to the manufacturing standpoint, much of the vintage furniture available in stores today was handcrafted decades ago. It was made using authentic hardwoods and other materials that age well. Unlike replicas and cheap composites, these pieces will live long, healthy lives for years to come. 

Mid Century Danish Modern Sofa

Mid Century Danish Modern Sofa

4. The Value is Increasing

It may be hard to imagine a big windfall coming out of a credenza or dining set, but in truth, there are a growing number of collectors looking for real vintage furniture. The value continues to increase, unlike that boxed furniture that you assembled yourself. 

Vintage French Carved Wood Settee


5. It's Environmentally and Economically Responsible

How many of those cheap bookshelves have you purchased already? Buying furniture that gets easily destroyed is wasteful. When you buy vintage furniture, you know that you are helping keep something out of the waste stream and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Find Vintage Furniture from Urban Americana

If you're ready to begin decorating your home with incredible vintage looks, check out the Urban Americana vintage store in Long Beach. We have an ever-changing selection of unusual vintage pieces perfect for decorating any home or office. Now is your chance to get your hands on something truly timeless that will grow in value.


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