How to Decorate Mid-Century Modern on a Budget? March 21 2019

Mid-century modern design is a throwback trend dating back to the mid-20th century, a time when designers were taking risks and incorporating textures, materials, geometric shapes, and other elements in new ways. Today, you can find mid-century modern pieces in plenty of furniture stores selling both vintage finds and new products. From mid-century coffee tables and credenzas to stylish accent pieces, there are so many ways to inject a bit of mid-century modern style into any space.

However, the popularity of this trend and the collectability of vintage mid-century modern pieces can often come with high price tags that can be discouraging. But with these simple tips, you can decorate mid-century modern while sticking to your budget.

Mid Century Modern Furniture

Durable and timeless, mid-century modern furniture is often an excellent, long-lasting investment that will be a stylish addition to your space for years to come. Or, if you’re working with seriously limited funds, mix a smaller mid-century piece (like a side table) into your existing space for a high-impact, low-cost effect.

Mid Century Modern Art

Mid-century modern art is a cost-effective way to transform a space with ease, adding an instant conversation piece to any room in your home. Shop vintage to find affordable framed pieces or choose a budget-friendly poster and frame it yourself to cut costs.

Mid Century Modern Lighting

A mid-century lamp is a bold design choice that can serve both form and function in your home. Prices can vary considerably depending on the designer and date of a certain lamp style, so take the time to browse plenty of options to increase your odds of finding an inexpensive lamp you love.

Mid Century Modern Rugs

Though a mid-century modern rug is one of the more expensive ways to add the style to your space, it can also completely change a room for the better. If you’re searching for an affordable rug, consider layering a few smaller styles instead of one large one to save money and add a unique look.

Mid Century Modern Décor

Decorative accents make it easy to change the style of your space without overspending. When you shop vintage decor, you can easily find inexpensive mid-century modern décor with a one-of-a-kind look, unlike anything you could find in a big box store. For less than $200, you can spruce up your space and add much-needed personality.

Mid Century Seating

Instead of spending money on expensive, mid-century seating at regular furniture stores, find affordable seating styles by shopping at a vintage warehouse. Certain designers (like Eames) can carry a high price tag, but it’s not difficult to find other options that are inexpensive and stylish.

Mid Century Tables

The clean lines and beautiful simplicity of mid-century modern tables can take a room from drab to stylish with ease. You can typically expect to pay more for solid wood tables, so consider ones made with metal and other materials to save yourself some money.

Mid Century Storage

Part of mid-century modern design lies in the appreciation of clean, minimalistic style – that means clearing out the clutter taking over your space. Mid-century modern storage can serve a dual purpose, helping you find a place for all that clutter while adding a touch of style to the room. This makes it a great option for maximizing design impact while minimizing costs.

Mid-Century Modern Style at an Affordable Price

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