A Look At 6 Interior Design Trends for 2018 January 09 2018

The most wonderful thing about vintage styles and decor is that they only become more obscure. There are creative ways to implement classic stylings into your home while staying on trend with the changing home decor climate. The coming year brings hints of retro color pairings and vintage artistry.

Here are six home decor trends that are absolutely achievable with a little help from your friends at Urban Americana.

Green and Gold

With Pantone’s color of the year being green and predictions of an iridescent wave hitting homes across the country, we are excited to see the green and gold palette reemerge. Pair agrarian hues with splashes of shimmering gold and you create a nurturing yet classy ambience. We have a ton of items, such as mid-century lucite sculptures, that bring this color combo to life.

Geometric Patterns

Tajikistan Antique Suzani

It is easy to implement this line and shape trend with geometric wallpaper, backsplashes, rugs or artwork. Just one hint of a geometric print on an accent wall or rug should do the job.


Industrial Rolling Table

As we become constantly immersed in technology, it makes sense that we want to surround ourselves with a bit of nature. You can bring an earthy feel into your home by choosing wooden furniture, rustic kitchenware, or wooden wall frames and signs. Explore our new arrivals for a plethora of natural wood-based items.


If you love sparkle and shine, you will embrace the metallic trend. Not to be overused, this look can easily be achieved with accent tables or simple and refined fixtures, which pair well with the previously mentioned green and wood tones.


Big bold messaging is a fun way to bring the modern, social media meme world into your home. Whether implemented via art or signage, you will find more homes with large typography sprinkled throughout. Check out the amazing collection of antique signs we feature to give your home a vintage touch.

Vintage Coca Cola Sign

Artisan furniture: Beautifully crafted furniture is making its way back into the hearts of interior decorators. Quality and artistry went out the door for efficiency in the furniture industry, but you will now see a reemergence of custom-crafted pieces. This never went away in vintage circles, so we have numerous artisan furnishings to choose from.

You can find all of what you need to bring these trends to life in your home by visiting us at Urban Americana. Our antique and design collective is filled with extraordinary offerings from several antique dealers, artisans, and vintage-inspired merchants. We always offer amazing sales, and you can even grab a gift card for friends or family who also appreciate a little touch of the past. There is plenty for everyone!