A Beginner's Mini Guide to Buying Vintage April 13 2018

Adding vintage pieces to your home decor can be a great way to draw the eye and accent your modern furniture designs. Classic furniture pieces reflect elegance, personal style, and a sense of history, especially when juxtaposed tastefully with contemporary pieces.

When it comes to vintage furniture in Long Beach, Urban Americana is the place to start, whether shopping in person or buying antiques online. Overall, there is much to learn about the world of antiques, but this simple guide will get you started if you are itching to go on your first antiquing spree.


Credenzas and Dressers

Credenzas and dressers are among the most popular vintage items available. They come in different shapes and sizes, not to mention styles from a variety of designers across many eras. Credenzas are perfect for the living room or dining room to use to add a touch of vintage inspiration to the room.


Desks are another furniture piece that has found great popularity among vintage shoppers. Vintage desks and cabinets are often ornate and beautiful to behold. Keep in mind that vintage desks tend to make great visual pieces, so finding the right fit for the style of the room you want it in can be an adventure.


Coffee tables, end tables and even dining room tables often can be found within the antique sphere. End tables and coffee tables tend to be in abundance, while dining room tables can be much harder to find due to their size and weight. Many of the older tables offer great storage compartments and other features not found in today’s tables


It can be difficult to find authentic vintage seating. You will likely find that most vintage seating offers cloth seats and other materials. There are some gorgeous vintage benches and seating sets that are the dream of any vintage lover. The trick is always finding them.

Urban Americana

The joy of buying vintage is as much about the hunt for a truly great piece as it is about the functionality of the piece in the room you are placing it. Many people have come to know and love vintage furniture for its character and longevity.

Vintage furniture was built to last using quality materials and craftsmanship. Most of it was made on commission, so you are often looking at one-of-a-kind pieces that can only be replicated by modern techniques. For more information on vintage furnishings in Long Beach, please visit Urban Americana


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