Vintage Patio Furniture for the Fall in California November 12 2018

Ask any California resident about the best part of living in the Golden State, and the odds are that you’ll hear something about our unparalleled weather. Sunny skies and mild temperatures year-round make for the perfect conditions to enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re getting out of the house or just relaxing in your outdoor space at home. The fall season in California is especially beautiful, with just the right touch of chill in the air for a cozy outdoor gathering.

To make the most of your California autumn, you should have a comfortable, stylish outdoor space filled with pieces you love. Vintage patio furniture is a great way to add a unique touch to your patio, balcony, or backyard, setting it apart from anything you could see in a big-box store catalog. In California, our patios and backyards are just as much a part of our home as any living room or kitchen, sometimes getting even more use in our daily lives thanks to the incredible weather we enjoy – so why not design a comfortable, welcoming space?

Here are a few tips for upgrading your outdoor living space with stylish vintage finds, including a few styling hints that just might come in handy:

Always Consider Comfort

Comfort is important in every facet of your home, but especially space where you’ll want to kick back and relax. A California fall isn’t complete without a relaxing cup of coffee or afternoon wine enjoyed out on your patio, so why not choose a comfortable chair for the daily ritual? Check out your options for vintage seating in person and take the time to sit in each one. Do you want a more structured, mid-century-style seat? Or would you rather settle into a soft, cushioned chair? Think about what comfort means to you, and don’t forget to consider the comfort factor for family and friends.

Think About the Natural Flow of Entertaining

Californians are nearly always natural entertainers, getting together with friends regularly to enjoy a good meal or drink. The fall season brings plenty of reasons to gather, including celebrating fun traditions like Friendsgiving or a spooky Halloween party. Consider the flow of traffic during entertaining when you’re purchasing your vintage patio furniture and set up a welcoming space that offers a range of seating and table top options.

Choose Something Durable

The fact that your patio furniture will be living outside may seem obvious, but far too many people fail to consider durability when shopping for their outdoor space. Vintage furniture has an excellent reputation for being durable, especially the piece that has lived through several decades. Look for weather-resistant surfaces and fabrics you can wipe down or wash, and cover anything that you’re worried won’t make it through an afternoon rainstorm.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up

Gone are the days when décor had to follow a set of predetermined rules – now, indoor and outdoor spaces alike are becoming a fun way to express your personality. Mix it up with a collection of colors, patterns, and styles, and don’t feel like you have to limit your vintage style to just one era. You might be surprised to find how well different vintage pieces can work together, and choosing pieces you truly love will result in a look that’s 100 percent you.

Go Bold for a Big Impact

If there’s anywhere you can afford to make bold design decisions; it’s the outdoor space. The open-air environment is perfect for bright colors and patterns, and vibrant shades can be the perfect way to add a touch of color to California’s foggy fall mornings. Complement rich jewel tones or saturated primary shades with the eye-catching greenery of plants and flowers. Thanks to California’s mild fall weather, you’ll have no trouble keeping your garden alive.

Find Your Perfect Vintage Patio Furniture

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