Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture September 11 2018

Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture

Get ready for dinners on the patio, family gatherings and holidays. In recent years, the patio has transformed from a simple, bland space with just a few folding chairs to a stylish extension of your home that deserves to be treated like any other room. And just like the rest of your home, your patio needs a little refresher for the fall season.

Whether you’re working with a brand new outdoor space and need to furnish it top to bottom, or you’re just looking for a few key pieces to spruce up what you already have, these tips for buying outdoor furniture can help make the process simple, easy, and enjoyable.

Create a List

Write a list of all the must-have pieces for your patio. That way, you won’t forget key elements when faced with a full range of options at the store.

Measure Outdoor Space

Nothing is worse than getting a new piece of furniture home and realizing it’s too big or too small for space. Measure your outdoor space and take windows, doors, and other structural elements into account.

Post Modern Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor space is the perfect time to be bold with color and pattern combinations, especially because a concrete patio or wood deck is a completely blank canvas. Choose bright, complementary colors and a variety of textures to create a fun, welcoming space. Consider unique styles like vintage and post-modern outdoor furniture.

Remember Storage

Most people need a place to put outdoor items like grilling tools, gardening supplies, and kids’ toys. Make sure you choose at least one piece that functions as storage, whether it’s a cabinet, shelving unit, or storage bench.

Make a Quality, Long-Term Investment

Don’t waste money on the cheap pieces sold at most big box stores. Instead, invest in something you love that will last you plenty of falls.

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