How to Mix Modern & Antique Furniture December 22 2021

mixing modern and antique furniture

The most exciting homes often feature furniture of different styles and eras. A blend of vintage modern décor has a way of making your room unique. Instead of discarding that ornate furniture, make extra savings by matching it to your current design.

Want to learn how to mix vintage and modern furniture to create a timeless style? Here are a few fantastic mix and match bedroom furniture ideas against a distressed finish.   

Mixing Vintage and Modern Furniture

Planning The Lead Style

Want the best mix and match bedroom furniture ideas for your new home? Choosing a dominating style is often the first step to creating a modern vintage décor because it creates a sense of balance and prevents unnecessary competition. 

While hoping to maintain your family's antique décor, mixing modern custom furniture gives a remarkable finish. If you want to make contemporary furniture to lead, match enough vintage. Of course, this will help to strengthen the feel. For example, a single antique chair in a modern room looks odd. Likewise, a contemporary dresser in a complete vintage interior can confuse the eye.   

Let Your Vintage Furniture Make A Statement

Sometimes you might want to use old entertainment furniture at the center of your room because of the memory it creates. You don't want to remove that reddish armchair, even though the color doesn't blend with other furniture in the room. 

Well, check our mix and match bedroom furniture ideas for a timeless style.

To create a perfect vintage modern décor, you can reupholster or re-stain your antique furniture. If you don't want to change the look of your old furniture, place the armchair with a marble table to create a fresh vibe. We also recommend not keeping other wood furniture in the same space as the reddish armchair. So, the mix of marble-table and reddish armchair looks simple but blends with the rest of the room.

Mix Vintage From Different Styles And Eras

When choosing vintage décor, it is best to go for several pieces. More so, there's a lot of charm when you don't limit your modern vintage furniture to a single style and era. Take, for example, two vintage pieces of furniture: a tufted chair and a dresser in your bedroom; though they're different styles from different periods, the blend can be excellent.

Any vintage furniture or décor can be painted to match the room or vice-versa. To make the room look more natural, consider other vintage décor, like a rug with a vintage pattern. Now, the room seems fantastic though saturated with several vintage wood furniture items. And we love our mix and match bedroom furniture ideas for timeless and occasional furnishings.

Sometimes vintage pieces of furniture can outlive their purpose. But that's not enough reason to discard it. Repurposing that old piece can make a huge difference to your home décor. Instead of keeping that old church pew in the garage, turn it into a dining chair.  A more natural styling approach is to re-paint your occasional furniture with a color that matches the modern décor.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Décor

Knowing how to mix modern vintage furniture is one way to get comfortable with your room décor. Correct matching of mid-century and modern décor brings out creativity and beauty. We hope you will have a smooth time when creating a timeless and evolving home.

One challenge to creating a home that transcends periods is knowing the style and era to pick. Urban Americana holds a wide variety of vintage pieces of furniture collections that suit your style. If you're still looking for where to shop for modern vintage furniture for your home, contact us now. Visit our online furniture store for exciting furniture deals or reach out for fantastic mix and match bedroom furniture ideas.

Image Credit: milosljubicic / Shutterstock