How To Decorate A Room With Vintage Furniture September 20 2018

Are you looking to add a little style and class to your living space? Decorating with mid-century furniture and vintage accents can help make that dream a reality. This style has plenty of sleek lines, beautiful shapes, and statement-making pieces. Most noticeably in the past two years, mid-century furniture has been appearing in mainstream furniture stores. This is good news for those who love vintage furniture because this trend doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. So how do you incorporate this vintage style in your home while keeping in mind that you are living in the twenty-first century? If you would like a little extra guidance and motivation, here are some tips and tricks to blend your current decor with mid-century design.

 1. Familiarize yourself with the style

To pull off this complicated style, you will want to learn more about it. This way, you can better understand the premise of mid-century design and how to put the look together. Mid-century modern began in the early 1930s and influenced design all the way until the 1960s. However, it didn't take hold until after World War II. Straight lines with curved corners, simplicity, and function were its fundamental guidelines. Mid-century was intended to be a democratic style. In other words, a style for everyone regardless of their age, social class, gender or race. We can still see these efforts today because it is a widely appealing style.

2. Find inspiration

Conduct your research through Pinterest, design websites and magazines to see what speaks to you. For instance, if you love mid-century chairs, find some that will mesh well with your current space. Then add accents to keep the chairs looking organic, functional and beautiful. Loving the individual pieces in your home plays a vital role in how you feel about your finished room.

3. Choose a color palette

Whether you want a complete retro vibe (regarding colors like olive and burnt orange) or a more muted but bold look (bright blues and blush pinks), commit to that look. Choosing a color palette of two to three colors and sticking with them will create a cohesive vibe to complement your fresh mid-century decor. The mid-century design focuses on simplicity. Try not to make a room too busy with your design choices. This includes choosing too many colors for one room.

4. Do not be afraid to shake it up

While you do want to make sure your look is cohesive, that does not mean you can't also have modern furniture. If you find a vintage coffee table that wouldn't necessarily fall under the timeline of "mid-century," it's OK to use it as long as the overall aesthetic is simple and pleasing to the eye. In fact, using different styles of vintage furniture and design accents can up your design aptitude.

5. Statement lighting is a must

Unfortunately, light is one of the most underlooked decor elements when designing rooms. Adding the right lighting can make any room bold and brilliant with just a few select fixtures. Mid-century lighting is a great way to get the vibe you want without adding a lot of furniture. Great mid-century lights often feature brilliant metal, Edison bulbs, straight geometric lines, and gorgeous colors. A mid-century lamp or pendant light can be just the piece to complete your stylish vintage look.

6. Complete the room

As you well know, accessories pull together any outfit, or room in this case. Don't skimp on gorgeous pieces that will put the finishing touch on your masterpiece. Beautiful potted plants, art deco pieces, gold frames, and quirky clocks will bring all your furniture, color pops, and lighting fixtures together.

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