Five Remarkable Furniture Designers From the 1900s March 13 2017

5 Iconic Furniture Designers

The 1900s were a time of expansive creativity and unparalleled opportunity for furniture designers around the world. That's why we have compiled this list of five of the most legendary furniture designers who have forever changed the course of interior decor. 

Hans Wegner

Hans J. Wegner was a Danish designer who had a profound impact on the look and feel of chairs. Beginning in the 1940s and extending across the next several decades, Wegner's simple, stylish influence can still be found throughout many modern furniture pieces.

Greta Grossman

Greta Grossman began her journey in Sweden during the 1930s, designing furniture at one of Stockholm's premier art institutes. Upon graduation she traveled the world and combined aesthetics from everywhere she visited. Her work is characterized by her unusual use of contrasting materials put together to create intriguing shapes. She finished her career in the U.S. having designed for celebrities of all kinds.greta grossman vintage chair

Arthur Umanoff

Arthur Umanoff is best known for his design work in the mid- and late 1960s. His work featured wrought-iron frames and colorful fabrics. Nearly all of his work featured curvy, flowing designs rather than the harsh squares and rectangles of other designers.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller's design work took off in the mid-1920s, starting in Michigan. He used the latest in industrial design and materials to create furniture that appeared futuristic in its time. Shiny aluminum formed into minimalist designs that veritably cradle the body were his forte, and many of his designs remain popular to this day. 

herman miller vintage furniture

George Nakashima

George Nakashima was more than just a furniture designer. He was also a skilled woodworker who could see the natural attributes of the wood before it had even been shaped. He used natural materials to create unique pieces that brought out the beauty of the wood without completely reshaping it. 

Urban Americana

Furniture design has had a long and storied history, influenced by many creative minds. As you shop for furniture for your home, try to pick out the subtle changes in artistic development that happened over the years and choose a common theme to tie your room together.

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