How to Buy Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture September 01 2017

Mid-century modern furniture is back in vogue and a number of replicas have popped up on the market. In order to create a true mid-century modern look, you need to study the unique characteristics that have made this genre of furniture so popular. Here are a few of the highlights to look for when buying mid-century furniture. 

Mid-Century Colors and Patterns

Mid-century modern furniture stores in Long Beach are full of chairs and other furniture that exemplify the unique color combinations typical of the period. Designers often combine bright primary colors with sharp body lines to create a more eccentric look. The contrast of yellows, reds, blues and purples often makes these pieces stand out in any room. 

vintage chair

Mid-Century Manufacturers

There were a number of mainstream manufacturers that were prevalent during the mid-century modern period. These designers typically stamped their products either on the bottom of chairs or on the inside of drawers and cabinets. When examining mid-century furniture online, look for pictures of the stamp and see if it matches up with a company that was known for their work during that period. Modern replicas may also have a stamp, but you should be able to easily research whether the piece is a reproduction or an original. 

While you're here, here are a few of the big names you should be looking for as iconic designers during the mid-century time period: Saarinen, Jacobsen, Wegner and Eames. While there were dozens of other designers during the period, these names were among the most recognizable. 

How to Accomplish the Mid-Century Modern Look

Given modern manufacturing techniques, it is quite easy to replicate the look and feel of nearly any furniture style that's ever been popular. However, if you want to purchase furniture that will retain its value as a collector's item, then you need to search out true vintage pieces. This takes a little more work but will definitely ensure that you have a room that is spot on for the era you love. 

As you explore all of the fine furniture heralding from the mid-century period, be sure that you pay close attention the details. It is normal to see some wear and tear on vintage pieces, but you should avoid anything that looks severely cracked or damaged. 

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