2017 Color of the Year January 19 2017


As they have done since 2000, Pantone unveiled their choice for the color of the year and for 2017 the winner is...GREENERY!  Here is what they have to say about Greenery:


We like their choice for 2017.  It has a feeling of revival and renewal.  Since our obsession is Mid-Century Modern, Antiques and Up-Cycled findings, we like the feeling of revitalizing!  That is what greenery brings into your living space, a feeling of revival!  Here are some vintage items we found on our online store to bring a little "Greenery" to your living space.


Vintage Free Standing Mid Century Fireplace by Preway Pair of Teak Lounge Chairs by William Watting

Our favorite is the beautiful pair of danish teak lounge chairs designed by William Watting. These rarely show up, particularly in pairs. The design is simple yet refined with gently curving armrests terminating in rounded details on the front and back. The cushions are newly upholstered in a vintage green wool, it is super soft with a great texture.

We also love the gorgeous vintage mid century modern freestanding fireplace by Preway. The free standing fireplace is really a "must have" piece for any mid century modern designed living space.