Adding a Vintage Preway Fireplace into Your Decor November 13 2019

The Preway fireplace is one of the quintessential symbols of mid-century modern décor, representing a treasured era of interior design history.

With an easily recognizable cone shape, a uniquely freestanding design, and a rainbow of vibrant finishes, the Preway Fireplace Company made an indelible mark on the hearts of countless design lovers over the decades.

Initially offered in gas, electric, and woodburning models, the stylish range of fireplaces from Preway Inc. was a statement-making addition to any home in the 1960s and 70s.

People were drawn to the imaginative shapes and colors, with the most popular shades being vibrant red, bronze-green, orange, matte black, and white. During a time in which self-expression was becoming increasingly more celebrated, the Preway fireplace gave homeowners a fun way to add a generous dose of personality to any space.

While a small handful of modern-day companies have taken up the task of recreating this iconic design, vintage Malm fireplaces, like the Preway, are a true retro treasure. If you’re lucky enough to find the Preway fireplace of your dreams, here are a few tips for incorporating it into your existing décor.


Choose a Color that Suits Your Design Personality

Normally, choosing your fireplace color is a pretty straightforward process – especially because most of today’s after-market fireplaces are made in just one or two colors. But when you’re looking for a Preway fireplace, a veritable rainbow becomes available.

Because you’re shopping for a vintage piece, you won’t necessarily have a full-color palette at the ready, but knowing your most-wanted shades can help you hunt down the perfect match.

When you’re considering a color for your Preway gas fireplace (or woodburning or electric model), decide if you prefer something in a neutral shade like black, white, or gray, or if you’d rather go for a more eye-catching hue.

You might already own a variety of colorful furniture pieces, in which case a subtler shade might be right. Or, a fairly neutral space may be the perfect blank canvas for a bright orange or yellow Preway. The good news about choosing your Preway fireplace color is that it’s entirely up to you.


Have Patience

One expert tip for choosing a color for your Preway fireplace? It’s far better to be patient and discover the right shade, rather than attempt to do a DIY refinish on a color you don’t love.

Because most midcentury modern fireplaces have a baked enamel finish, repainting or resurfacing can be extremely difficult to achieve – and expensive.

You can find special high-heat paints, but they’ll come with a hefty price tag, so it usually makes more sense to hold off on purchasing a Preway until you find one that’s already the perfect color.


Make the Fireplace a Focal Point…

It’s impossible to deny that Preway fireplaces make a serious statement, so make sure that the rest of the room isn’t overshadowing the star of the show. Think about paring down the details in your room to allow the fireplace to truly shine, and experiment with different placement options to find the best focal point.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the room a reflection of your personal taste – even if your style is far from minimalistic – you also don’t want your retro fireplace to get visually lost in a space that’s overly crowded or busy.


…But Don’t Be Afraid to Complement it With Other Statement Pieces

The Preway fireplace is an icon of midcentury modern décor, which means it plays nicely with other pieces from the same era. With the distinctive shapes and styles of midcentury modern furniture, you can easily create a space that feels like it flows together.

If you’re trying to choose just one or two retro pieces to pair with your Preway, you definitely can’t go wrong with a midcentury modern armchair or settee. Not only will the duo work together beautifully, but it will also provide the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy a cozy seat by the fire.

We highly recommend that you consult a licensed professional contractor to thoroughly understand the installations guidelines in your area PRIOR to purchase. City regulations regarding the installation of these fireplaces vary from city to city. Please verify your cities guidelines before you purchase this product.


Take Proper Care of Your Preway Fireplace

Once you’ve found your perfect Preway fireplace and incorporated it into your interior décor, your job is done – or is it? Like any fireplace, the Preway built-in fireplace requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it in working order. Regularly cleaning your fireplace ensures that it will live a long and happy life, and you’ll be able to enjoy safe, cozy fires for many years to come.

Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind for safely using and maintaining a Preway fireplace:

Keep your Preway fireplace clean

Creosote is the natural byproduct of the tar, vapors, and moisture that are housed in a Preway woodburning stove and other fireplaces, and it can easily build up in the fireplace’s flue. As it accumulates, the creosote will slowly increase the heat level of each fire, eventually putting you at risk for a chimney fire if it’s not cleaned out.


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