How to Hang a Rug on the Wall July 26 2022

A rug that has been expertly woven may be as beautiful as any work of art. There are times when a rug, whether Turkish, kilim, or woven, needs more attention than can be given by the floor alone; if you own a rug that is too lovely to put to practical use, displaying it as art is a fantastic alternative.

Learn several techniques on how to hang a rug on the wall.


One crucial aspect you should consider is heat or sunlight. To keep your rug looking great for as long as possible, you shouldn't display it near a window or a heating/cooling vent/ventilation opening.

It is best to prevent carpets from becoming dirty and worn by keeping them off the floor. Though convenient, nailing or pinning a rug directly to the wall might harm the rug's colors and fibers over time. Instead, you may use one of the safe and secure options listed below.

Take the dimensions of your rug before heading out to buy any hanging equipment since your chosen technique will be determined by the rug's weight and dimensions. In addition, heavier rugs might distort or even tear if the weight isn't distributed evenly when hung.


Here are some benefits of hanging your priceless rug:

  • Hanging rugs are trendy: You may also use rugs as a substitute for wall art. Also, the rug's tactile quality makes it an engaging work of art.
  • Appealing to the Eye: Acquiring a wall's beauty requires proper carpeting. In terms of interior design, this means that it helps control traffic patterns by harmonizing with the space's pre-existing components. That is to say, opposites attract. Rugs with solid colors work well on white floors, while those with more muted tones are best on wood or tile floors.
  • Hanging rugs act as a preservation technique: You could want to save a rug because of its extraordinary emotional or monetary significance. The simplest solution is to hang a rug on the wall. It will keep the rug out of the way and remind you to clean it regularly.


  1. Curtain rod method

The rug's back may be fitted with a cotton casing to create a tube for the curtain rod. This needs to be fastened not far from the top of the carpet. Next, wall brackets may be installed to hold the rod in place.

  1. Velcro method

Using Velcro to hang your area rug on the wall has been shown that this technique may be used successfully on carpets of a considerable weight without damaging the rug in any way. Hook and loop tape are the components that make up Velcro tape. The Velcro has a rough, sharp component called the hook tape and a smooth, fuzzy part called the loop tape.

  1. Layering

Rugs may be layered over one another to produce an interesting visual effect. It's fun to play with contrasting rug colors and patterns in a straightforward and inventive way. It's not simple, but if you have numerous little rugs and want to switch them out often, this is the way to do it!


Whether you're trying to save space, make a bold design statement, or want a change, hanging your area rug on the wall is an option to consider. 

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Image Credit: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock