Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Holiday With Aluminum Christmas Trees December 17 2019

The aluminum Christmas tree is one of the icons of vintage holiday décor, representing a short but sparkling time when they were a favorite in homes across America.

Like many mid-century design elements, aluminum Christmas trees represented Americans’ newfound appreciation for the unique and ultra-modern. Bright, shiny, and completely unlike a traditional pine, the aluminum tree marked a bright time in the history of Christmas décor.

The story goes that the trend started in Wisconsin in 1959 when toy sales manager Tom Gannon spotted a metal tree on display in a Chicago store window. When he returned to his home state, he brought with him the hopes to make a lighter, less expensive of the metal trees currently being produced.

Using aluminum, his team was able to create a budget-friendly but strikingly sparkly tree, christening it the “Evergleam” and sparking a new Christmas craze. From mini-sized to eight feet tall, aluminum trees became popular – until Charlie Brown himself cut the trend short. 


A Mid-Century Holiday Trend That’s Here to Stay

Despite the humorously less-than-glowing depiction of aluminum Christmas trees in the holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, these eye-catching trees have made their way back into the hearts – and homes – of vintage enthusiasts everywhere.

While many authentic aluminum trees from the 1950s and 60s can be found fetching shocking high prices in online auctions, you can also get lucky and find one in a handful of vintage stores and warehouses.

For many lovers of the aluminum Christmas tree, the experience of finding a pristine example of the era is half of the fun of owning this one-of-a-kind piece of holiday décor.

Here are a few fun ways to incorporate an aluminum Christmas tree into your winter décor:

  • Go for a completely authentic look by combining your aluminum tree with a vintage, floor-based color wheel for a vibrant pop of color and light. Early versions of the aluminum trees couldn’t be strung with traditional lights (due to short-circuiting concerns), which led to innovative home decorators placing a projecting color wheel under their tree instead. For an extra element of holiday cheer, mount your tree in a rotating tree stand – another homage to the 1960s.
  • Get creative with your holiday ornaments, choosing bulbs in monochrome colors and complementing them with accents in similar shades. Colors like flamingo pink especially stand out against the silver branches, creating an unforgettable look that’s anything but conventional. Another way to switch up your usual approach to ornaments is by arranging them by color, creating a rainbow of shades from the top to the bottom of your tree.
  • Mix in other vintage holiday decorations to complement your aluminum tree, especially those that hail from the 1960s. When family and friends step into your space, they’ll feel like they’ve been transported into a picture-perfect holiday scene from decades ago, making for a uniquely fun and festive experience.


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Image Credit: Shutterstock By Tony Tueni