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Why Buy Mid-Century Table Lamps Online from Urban Americana?

When it comes to finding the perfect finishing touch for any space, a vintage table lamp may be precisely what you’re searching for. Lighting has the power to transform the ambiance of any room completely, and vintage lamps can do so much more contribute some much-needed illumination. They can also add a pop of personality to every room in your home.

Instead of settling for a carbon-copy lamp that you picked up from your local big-box store, why not choose vintage table lamps to give your house a little extra wow factor? No matter what your decorating style may be, you can find a vintage lamp to suit your personality.

Ways to Incorporate Vintage Lamps into Any Space

Imagine the comforting glow and cozy ambiance that the perfect table lamp can add to a room: once you realize how much the ideal lamp can enhance your home, it’s easy to see why lighting is so important.

You can find a spot for a antique table lamp in virtually any room in your home, with some larger rooms even allowing for multiple lamps. Here are a few ideas for how to use a vintage table lamp in your space:

  • Added to a desk to provide ample light for work and hobbies

  • Placed on a side table in the living room for evening and night use

  • Positioned on an entryway table to a welcoming glow

  • Standing on either end of a long dining room credenza

  • Tucked into the corner of a kitchen countertop for a uniquely vintage touch

  • On your bedroom nightstand or dresser

Popular Types of Vintage Lamps

One of the many reasons that antique table lamps have become such a popular décor choice is that there are so many different kinds to consider. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find a style that complements your home. Here are some of the most common types of vintage table lamps so that you can browse our warehouse with confidence:

Mid-Century Modern Lamps

True to the mid-century modern design era, vintage mid-century table lamps often have striking shapes or are made of unique materials. The base of the lamp may be modeled after an eclectic shape, such as an exotic animal, or have a unique texture or finish. It’s also common to find vintage mid-century modern lamps with exposed bulbs creatively positioned in varying arrangements.

Jar Lamp

Elegant, timeless, and attention-grabbing, the jar lamp is one of the most classic styles of vintage lighting. Because the base of a jar lamp is usually full-figured, it can hold its own on even the most significant furniture pieces, such as a vintage dresser or credenza.

Often, a pair of jar lamps are an excellent way to make a serious style statement, particularly when they are a bold or eye-catching color. Ginger Jar lamps are one of the most popular styles within this category, modeled after the blue and white ginger jars hailing from the Far East.

Neck Lamps

Traditionally used as desk lamps, neck lamps (usually known as gooseneck, architect, or swing-arm lamps) are a staple in the world of vintage lamps. Usually constructed using metal, such as brass or stainless steel, vintage neck lamps have a heavy base and stylishly minimalistic look. This style of lamp is an excellent option if you’re aiming for a chic industrial look.

Candlestick Lamps

Candlestick lamps have a particular element of glamour, especially when you notice their long-stemmed design. Generally inspired by Neoclassical and Colonial design, vintage candlestick lamps are universally appealing and undeniably beautiful. A candlestick lamp can make a gorgeous addition to an entryway table or a dining room credenza, especially if you find a matching pair.

Globe Lamps

Ideal for creating a cozy corner of light in one area of a room, globe lamps have a spherical shape that’s decidedly minimalistic. Usually made of bronze or a similar metal, the vintage globe lamp draws inspiration from 20th-century Victorian décor. If you’re on the hunt for a lamp that will add a touch of cozy-chic to a side table or desk, a globe lamp may be an excellent match.

Tips for Shopping for Vintage Table Lamps

If you’re looking for vintage table lamps for sale in Long Beach (or anywhere else), there are a few tips that can make your treasure hunt easier and more enjoyable:

Be open to new and unusual styles

One of the most fun parts of vintage shopping is discovering pieces that are completely unique, those that you might never imagine yourself buying – but now, you simply can’t live without. Even if your home currently has a specific style, don’t be afraid to switch it up with something new. The contrast can add interest and personality to the room, and there’s nothing quite like having a vintage piece that you truly adore.

Consider what materials you might prefer

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast array of options when it comes to vintage shopping, but having a few parameters in mind is often helpful. Ask yourself what kind of vintage lamp might suit your style, and what materials you like most. For example, vintage table lamps can be ceramic, metal, glass, acrylic, or even made from an unusual material like driftwood. If certain types of materials are at the top of your list, you’ll be able to narrow down your options.

Stay true to what you love

Instead of worrying about current design trends, stick to what you love. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your space, especially if you focus on filling it with items that speak to your personality and unique sense of style.

Vintage Table Lamps from Urban Americana

Whether you’re searching from something eccentric or classic – or anything in between – Urban Americana has a massive selection of vintage table lamps in Long Beach, California. As one of the top vintage home décor stores in Southern California, our warehouse has quickly become a favorite destination for designers and everyday home shoppers alike. And because our collection of vintage home décor and furniture is always being updated with the most recent finds from our vendors, you can always count on discovering something new.

Shopping for vintage lighting in Long Beach? The Urban Americana warehouse is stocked with dozens of options, in all shapes, sizes, colors, and at a variety of price points. Our vintage used lamps for sale have been hand-selected by individuals who are passionate about vintage design and style, creating a veritable treasure trove of home décor. Browsing our Long Beach vintage warehouse is like taking a journey through America’s best design eras, creating a shopping experience, unlike anything you’ve had before.

Vintage table lamps are the perfect way to add a unique and creative element to any space, and can easily fit into any décor style. You can choose to create an area filled with vintage treasures, or combine a few vintage accents with modern pieces for a thoughtfully collected look – it’s entirely up to you!

Explore our full selection of vintage table lamps, home décor, furniture, art, and more by visiting the Urban Americana a vintage store in Long Beach today!