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Large furniture pieces may be the elements that anchor a room’s sense of style, but it’s the decorative accents that truly bring a space to life. There’s no better way to add personality to a room than to incorporate decorative elements that speak to you, and there are virtually no rules when it comes to shopping for accent pieces. Small, large, bold, or neutral, the right décor makes all the difference.

For a look that truly goes beyond the generic, mid-century modern décor is the perfect finishing touch. Even a few vintage accents or a single statement art piece can completely transform a room. At Urban Americana, our warehouse is stocked with a curated selection of mid-century décor, featuring an exceptional variety of art, accents, wall décor, throw pillows, and so much more. Whether you’re a longtime lover of vintage or are just now discovering the magic of mid-century design, you can find a treasure trove of decorative elements at our vintage store in Long Beach.

Vintage Décor for Every Space

There’s no right or wrong way to incorporate mid-century modern style into your space, especially because the versatility of this iconic style makes it easy to mix and match with virtually any type of décor. Typically characterized by its clean lines, geometric elements, and creative use of materials, mid-century modern design complements a broad range of other styles. 

If you’re new to mid-century modern décor, here are a few ways to add vintage flair to your space:

Fill boring, blank walls with mid-century modern art

One of the simplest ways to personalize any room is with art, and vintage art and wall décor have a high-impact effect that’s impossible to recreate with generic pieces. Depending on your personal style, you may gravitate towards a certain type of vintage artwork: watercolor, silkscreen, photography, or even wood. Sculptural wall décor can be an eye-catching addition, as can vintage signs in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Create a vintage art gallery wall or select a single, oversized statement piece; when it comes to decorating with mid-century modern art, it’s completely up to you.

Add greenery with houseplants in vintage planters

Not only do plants make a beautiful addition to a room, but they can also contribute to a healthier living environment by purifying the air. And when your plants are settled in stylish, mid-century modern planters, you’ll fall in love with the final look. Defined lines and simple shapes are key characteristics of mid-century planters, which serve as a wonderful backdrop to lively vines, spiky cacti, and unique succulents. 

Style your shelves with vintage accents

Professional designers utilize unique accent pieces to make a space truly stand out, sprinkling elements on bookshelves, media stands, and other open surfaces. Break up your stacks of books with a few vintage candleholders, a small leaning painting, or even a collection of vintage brass animals. A large vase or figurine can serve as a bookend, fulfilling both form and function.

Shop Mid-Century Modern Décor Online at Urban Americana

At the Urban Americana vintage home store online or locally in Long Beach, customers are invited to explore a diverse array of mid-century modern furniture, art, lighting, décor, and more. Our oversized warehouse is filled to the brim with vintage treasures, with an always-changing selection of pieces to choose from. Whether your home is quirky and eclectic, timeless and traditional, or somewhere in between, mid-century accents can add a pop of personality. 

Visit the Urban Americana vintage warehouse in Southern California and find mid-century modern décor and furniture to turn your house into a stylish home.

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