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Why Buy Vintage Signs Online from Urban Americana?

Why choose something new and mass-produced when you can repurpose something historical and unique? Original vintage metal and porcelain signs can add a punch of personality to any room and even spark some interesting conversation. Whether you’re redecorating your house or looking for a piece that adds a touch of atmosphere to your business, you can find something truly special in vintage signs for sale.

Retro Designs

Many vintage shop signs for sale are vibrantly colored with striking composition. That’s not an accident; most of them not only served to announce a shop’s name but also advertised its merchandise. Printing techniques and color preferences changed over time, which means you can find a sign to suit just about any style. These cool signs are also made from a range of materials due to technological advances that made it easier or cheaper to print on enamel, porcelain, tin, and wood.

Rich History

When you buy retro signs, you’re getting a piece of history. Knowing this history can serve as an an excellent conversation starter, but even a mysterious piece has something to offer. Anyone who buys second-hand understands the special way belongings connect strangers; hanging a beautifully crafted and worn sign may not seem like a historically significant act, but it honors the political, economic, social and, at times, even religious context that led to the creation of a piece.

Interior Accents

A vintage sign can play many roles in home decorating. If you’re drawn to a loud sign with bold colors, why not use it as an accent piece for your kitchen, wet bar, foyer, or an otherwise neutral room? Plaques with clever sayings or which provide humor when placed out of context can add a touch of playfulness to an entertaining area. You can also pull inspiration from a piece and plan a color scheme based around its graphics.

Business Décor

If you have a waiting area in your business, you can add a dash of whimsy with the right antique sign. A welcoming atmosphere can make a positive impact on customers; they’re more likely to spend time in your store if they find it a pleasant place. An artfully worn vintage piece can create a homey feel or act as a centerpiece that piques their interest. Finding a shop sign that’s relevant to your business is an added bonus.

Vintage Vibes

Adding vintage vibes to your décor is an excellent way to create a fun space. Urban Americana is proud to offer a variety of vintage signs for sale; you can check out street signs, shop signs, traffic signs, neon signs and more. For more information, give us a call at 562-494-7300 or contact us online.