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At Urban Americana, our huge collection of mid-century and vintage chairs offers the best of style, comfort, and personality, here in Long Beach and beyond. Not only does vintage furniture add distinctive style to your space, but is also generally made with higher quality materials and attention to detail that today’s offerings just can’t match.

Vintage chairs and seating can be a fun addition to any room in your home, whether you’re looking to create a unique dining space for your friends and family, or to spruce up your backyard with some vintage flair. Our wide selection of mid-century chairs and sofas can provide guests with an interesting place to relax, and also inject a fun dose of personality and style to your space.

At Urban Americana, our collection outshines every other vintage furniture store in the area, with an extensive range of styles, colors, and designs coming together under a single roof. Explore our current inventory online, or come down to Urban Americana today and explore our sprawling 16,000 square foot warehouse in person. You’re sure to find the perfect piece that fits your unique style.

Seating isn’t just a decorative element – it’s a necessity in virtually every room in your home. Regardless of whether your home is tiny (but mighty!) or stretches across several thousand square feet, you and your guests will inevitably need places to take a seat. From cozying up for movie night to hosting a swanky dinner party, the right seating plays an integral part in your everyday life.

But when it comes to shopping for chairs, sofas, and the like, don’t rely on the next seating sale at your nearest grab-and-go furniture store. Instead, bring a distinctive sense of style and personality into your home with used vintage seating from Urban Americana. Our vintage warehouse in Long Beach specializes in midcentury modern furniture and décor, featuring a diverse selection of vintage seating to suit virtually every style.

Adding the perfect vintage seating to your space doesn’t just contribute a pop of personality; it also makes it a comfortable, welcoming place and transforms it from a house into a home.

Creative Ideas for Incorporating Vintage Seating into Any Space

You don’t have to be a vintage décor devotee to make vintage seating fit flawlessly into your space. In essence, even if a midcentury chair is your first-ever vintage furniture purchase, with a little bit of inspiration, you can vintage shop like a true professional. Here are a few ways to make vintage seating a part of your home’s signature style.

Vintage Sofas

As one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your home, your sofa can’t help but make a statement; so, make sure it’s a stylish one. Midcentury modern sofas are best known for their eye-catching colors and fabrics, as well as their beautiful lines and unique details. A vintage sofa can serve as the perfect foundation for your living or family room, setting the tone for the space.

Vintage Armchairs and Lounge Chairs

With a vintage armchair or lounge chair, you can inject even the simplest of spaces with a generous dose of fun. Choose something in a vibrant shade or distinct texture for a funky spin on a classic shape, or stick with neutral and understated to complement other attention-grabbing pieces in the room. A vintage chair can fit beautifully into a bedroom, living room, or even an office or library space, providing a comfortable place to put your feet up. If you enjoy entertaining, a matching pair of vintage lounge chairs are ideal for adding extra seating without sacrificing style.

Vintage Office Chairs

There’s no reason your office has to be overly serious, especially when you can spruce it up with a vintage office chair. Combine a classic vintage desk with a midcentury office chair, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to getting to work.

Vintage Dining Chairs and Bar Stools

In the kitchen and dining room, vintage elements can upgrade even the most cookie-cutter of homes. Although a full kitchen redesign is often out of the question, you can easily reinvigorate the room with a series of matching vintage bar stools. At the dining table, comfortable but stylish midcentury dining chairs give you a great place to enjoy a delicious meal and good conversation.

Vintage Outdoor Seating

Don’t limit your decorating fun to the interior of your home – your patio and outdoor living area need some vintage love too! Vintage patio chairs, benches, and other seating options are always a welcome addition.

Other Ideas for Vintage Seating

Urban Americana shoppers don’t hesitate to get creative with vintage seating, and that means using vintage chairs as a place to stack their favorite books, place a cheerful plant in a midcentury planter, or even stick in the entryway for a handy spot to put on shoes.

Where to Find a Vintage Seating Sale that Blends Quality, Style, and Affordability

Are you looking for the best place in Southern California to find vintage furniture? Here at Urban Americana, you can consider your search over – we carry a massive selection of the best vintage finds from top vendors in the region. Exploring our warehouse is like embarking on a vintage décor treasure hunt, and there are plenty of gems to discover. From a plethora of vintage, gently-used seating to midcentury modern pieces for every room in your home, you can find it all here.

One of the best parts of shopping at Urban American’s vintage warehouse in Long Beach is that there’s always something new. Because our vendors are continually adding new pieces to their carefully curated collections, every visit to Urban Americana is exciting and different.

The ultimate way to experience the Urban Americana selection of vintage in Long Beach is to visit our warehouse in person so that you can browse our full collection. Visit our vintage warehouse today and find the vintage seating to suit your home décor style.