10 Ways to Add Lucite To Your Home Decor April 18 2018

Lucite is a solid transparent plastic, just like Plexiglas, used to make furniture. It can have this very eccentric vibe depending what you pair it with, but also look very lux and classy in the right environment. Regardless of how you implement this fun look, it is totally on trend. 

Here are ten ways to add Lucite to your home decor:

1. Let’s start with a vintage Lucite dining chair set. Pair these with a gorgeous wooden or metal table, and you’ve got yourself a unique dining set. Add fluffy seat pillows to add some soft texture for contrast.

2. Instead of a traditional ottoman or chest, consider a Lucite chest to store your cozy faux fur throws. Place a lovely plush pillow on top to transform your chest into a footrest.

3. Kitchen islands are a big help when you want additional cooking space; but in a small kitchen, they can cause visual congestion. With a Lucite island, you create an illusion of more space, while benefiting from prep space and storage room.

4. If you decide to skip the Lucite dining train, try taking a look at some beautifully-designed Lucite side chairs. They are practical while offering an air of high-end design.

5. Change the colors around your Lucite coffee table with the seasons, and display additional trinkets with ease. This see-through material makes decorating fun and easy!

6. What better way to show off your liquor and wine collection than with a slick Lucite bar cart? Not only does it look cool, but you can also find your drink of choice much easier.

7. A Lucite internal design decor item you must consider is a sleek stand for a narrow entryway or bare hallway. It will add a touch of class to the space, without taking over the walkway.

8. Hardware can be tricky because trends shift so suddenly. But because Lucite is a fluid visual element, it is a fantastic option for things like towel racks, drawer handles, and any other hardware.

9. Make your favorite collection of books and vintage novelty items stand out on a gorgeous Lucite shelving unit. They come in contemporary and classic shapes, so they are excellent for Lucite post-modern decor.

10. The details make all the difference. Make your light switches and outlets look as though they are under a liquid casing, allowing your beautiful wallpaper or paint color to shine through.

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